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If you are considering teeth straightening, we know that you want to be confident that you will achieve the results you want, in the time you expect, without interference with your daily routine.

Why Should I Have My Teeth Straightened?

We may recommend braces or another orthodontic treatment to straighten out your smile if you have an abnormal bite or crooked teeth. Correcting the problem can create a nice-looking smile, but more importantly, orthodontic treatment results in a healthier mouth. Abnormal bites typically become apparent between the ages of 6 and 12, and then treatment begins. However, that doesn’t mean adults can’t have braces! Healthy teeth can be orthodontically treated at any age.

Having crooked teeth can impact a person’s confidence in their smile, which is reason enough to fix them, but abnormal bite and/or crooked teeth can also impact a person’s oral hygiene and their ability to accomplish everyday tasks. According to the American Dental Association, not correcting an abnormal bite could result in further oral health problems, including: tooth decay; gum disease; tooth loss; affected speech and/or chewing and/or drinking; abnormal wear to tooth enamel;  and jaw problems. Likewise, untreated crooked teeth can lead to damage down the road, like tooth decay and gum disease, which can progress into infections that damage the jawbone and teeth.

Why Sure Smile Clear Aligners?

Trade metal brackets and wires for a nearly invisible, more comfortable alternative. SureSmile® clear aligners offer:

Comfort, Convenience, and Flexibility: SureSmile® clear aligners are tailored to your specific mouth structure for optimal results and comfort while wearing. The discreet design blends seamlessly with your teeth, ensuring only you know about your orthodontic journey. Additionally, SureSmile® aligners can easily be removed for meals and special occasions. No need to worry about food getting stuck in between wires! Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, SureSmile® aligners require fewer visits to the dentist, less maintenance and typically, a shorter treatment time than traditional braces.

Predictable results. Your customized treatment plan is developed by real dental experts at the SureSmile® Digital Lab who partners with your doctor to understand your unique smile and desired outcomes to make sure you get the results you want in the time you expect.

Support to stay on track.Your doctor may provide you with the SureSmile® VPro™ High Frequency Vibration Device to be used only 5 minutes a day with clear aligners. It may improve the comfort of treatment and will help your aligners fit just right. Your doctor will monitor your progress throughout your journey to ensure treatment is going as planned.

Lasting results. SureSmile® Retainers and SureSmile™ Whitening Kit help maintain your new smile after treatment has ended.

The Smile You Always Wanted That Fits Your Budget!

Your smile is unique, and so is your smile journey. The total cost of treatment will depend on your goals and the personalized plan that you and your doctor agree upon. Insurance may help pay for part of your treatment. At your first appointment, our office will provide you with a complimentary benefits check as well as a treatment plan with all the costs from start to finish! Our Team will also assist you with finding a payment option that works for you!

Why Choose Our Clinic for SureSmile®:

Expertise: Our doctors are trained specifically in SureSmile® technology.

Patient-Centric: We prioritize your comfort and convenience.

Affordable Payment Plans: Quality dental care shouldn’t break the bank. We offer flexible payment options!

Ready for a transformation? Schedule an appointment with our expert team today. Let’s journey towards your best smile together!

What to Expect at Your SureSmile Appointment?
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