What do dentists, doctors, and IRS auditors have in common? The answer is that a lot of people are afraid of all three. 

Are you avoiding the dentist due to fear or anxiety? You’re not alone! Dental anxiety or fear is estimated to affect approximately 36% of the population, with a further 12% suffering from extreme dental fear. This anxiety can have serious effects on a person’s oral health.

With this “vicious cycle of dental fear”, people with high dental fear are more likely to delay treatment, leading to more extensive dental problems and symptomatic visiting patterns which feed back into the maintenance or exacerbation of their dental fear. Dental fear/anxiety can be so crippling in some people that they avoid going to the dentist altogether.

The impact of the vicious cycle of dental fear is significant. In all, 29.2% of people who were very afraid of going to the dentist had delayed dental visiting, poor oral health and symptom-driven treatment seeking compared to 11.6% of people with no dental fear. This puts their dental health at risk and can have serious, long-term consequences. Usually, we think that dental problems only impact our teeth, cause bad breath, and the risk of oral cancer. But our dental health is connected to our overall health, too. Poor dental health can put you at an increased risk for more serious systemic health problems, including cardiovascular disease/heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, respiratory diseases, and chronic diseases like diabetes. Oral disease (and oral cancers) aren’t the only thing that good dental health will prevent! Let Us Help You Overcome Your Dental Anxiety!

Let Us Help You Overcome Your Dental Anxiety!

However, dentistry has never been more comfortable for patients than it is now. At GBR Dental, we provide a relaxing environment and are particularly sensitive to our patients’ needs. Our rooms are comfortably set up with options such as televisions, with streaming options, so you can watch your preferred show or listen to music, as well as blankets and a comfort menu. We use a variety of sedation options to ensure your comfort during your appointment which include topical numbing solutions, local anesthetics, nitrous oxide, as well as oral sedation – what we refer to as the “Chill Pill”-which may be exactly what you need to get through your next appointment and break that cycle of dental fear! After consulting with you, our experienced dentist will tailor the sedation methods used during your procedure to ensure your comfort throughout any procedures.

Who Can Benefit From Oral Sedation?

Here at GBR Dental Clinic, we prioritize your comfort. Our “Chill Pill”, also known as oral conscious sedation, is a trusted method to alleviate dental anxiety or dental fear. The “Chill Pill”/oral sedation may also be recommended for adults or children with special needs or those that may not be able to hold still enough to complete an appointment. It may also be recommended for those with a strong gag relax or individuals undergoing extensive dental work.

What are the Benefits of Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation is popular because it doesn’t require any type of injection, and it is a safe way to take anxiety and fear out of going to the dentist. It is also much more affordable than IV sedation! 

Other benefits of oral sedation include:

    • Customized Dosing: Whether you prefer minimal or deeper sedation, we adjust to what makes you most at ease.

    • Simple and Affordable: Taking the “Chill Pill” is straightforward, cost-effective, and needle-free.

    • Restful Experience: You will feel calm and comfortable during your procedure. In fact, patients are typically so comfortable they often nap through the appointment!

More Ways to Enhance Your Comfort!

We understand that every patient’s needs are unique. Hence, in addition to our “Chill Pill”, we provide:

    • Nitrous Oxide: Commonly referred to as “laughing gas”, this offers a light sedation and a feeling of euphoria during treatment.

    • Standard Local Anesthetics: Traditional, reliable, and designed to numb specific areas ensuring pain-free procedures.

Take the Next Step Towards Comfortable Dentistry!

Postponing necessary dental work due to fear can have long-term consequences for your oral health. Let us guide you through a stress-free dental experience. Contact us today to explore the best sedation options tailored for your needs!