A dental extraction is simply the process of removing a tooth. An extraction may happen in the presence of trauma to the tooth, disease, or even crowding. Extractions, especially wisdom tooth extractions, are very common dental procedures.

Wisdom teeth, also known as our third molars, are the last set of molars that most of us develop in our late teens. Wisdom teeth can often cause problems as they are growing and erupting through the gums, so it is best to get routine x-rays to help track their growth. When a wisdom tooth is “impacted” it means it may not have enough room to completely erupt properly, which can cause problems with nearby, healthy teeth. An impacted wisdom tooth can be “stuck” in the gums or the jaw bone. If the wisdom tooth is impacted and only emerges partially, it is very difficult to clean. Pieces of food and other debris may be caught under the gum tissue, making it easy for infections and swelling to occur. Untreated impacted wisdom teeth can cause significant problems with healthy teeth. Due to their position in the mouth. wisdom teeth often develop at odd angles, putting pressure on nearby teeth which causes pain and possible damage to those surrounding teeth.

To avoid any of these problems, it is best for you to have our doctors check your wisdom teeth. Our office houses some of the latest, advanced dental technology, such as our Panoramic X-ray machine. The unique features on this x-ray machine allows us to capture a full mouth x-ray and allow our doctors to better diagnose, treat, and/or prevent any problems related to the wisdom teeth.

Don’t wait until a toothache! It is important to have our doctors check your wisdom teeth in your late teens, usually by 17 or 18, when most wisdom teeth have fully developed and begin to erupt. Schedule your visit with us today!

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